Catamaran SAFETY 29 COMFORT is a cosy catamaran designed for four people that consists of a living room, parlour, kitchenette, bathroom and terrace, which will allow you to relax during the day and is a perfect place to spend climatic evenings.

Construction made with a float made of laminate, railings of stainless steel. Comfortable stay will be ensured by: air conditioning, pleated roller blinds and outdoor lighting. Safe navigation is supported by a rear camera, navigation lights and a hooter. Model equipped with 6 230 V sockets, 4 mooring lines, 10 m each. On the terrace, PVC flooring, insulation: 10 cm thick foam.

‘Eko’ Catamaran – electric motor as standard. It is possible to manufacture a catamaran with a combustion engine upon special request. 

HT Catamarans are environmentally friendly thanks to their electric motor power unit. Power without noise and exhaust fumes!

The catamaran weighs 3,500 kg, its payload is 1,000 kg, and its overall dimensions are 9 x 3 m.   

It is distinguished from the Safety 29 Deluxe by its interior design.

  • Total length [m] 9
  • Length of living quarters [m] 6
  • Total width/internal width [m] 3/2,9
  • Height/total height [m] 2/3,30
  • Weight 3500 kg
  • Payload 1000 kg
  • building thickness (floor/roof/wall) 100/100/50 mm
  • number of sleeping places (bedroom/living room) 2/2
  • bed dimensions (bedroom/living room) 120|200 cm / 120|200 cm
  • sound system (pair of speakers/radio) no
  • number of 230 v sockets (single/double) 3/3
  • front window 1
  • other windows 2
  • floats made of catamaran laminate
  • steel cleats 4
  • on-board ladder yes
  • engine 15km
  • fuel tank
  • mooring ropes 4 x 10m
  • rails acid resistant steel
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    • construction laminate
    • facade laminate
    • terrace PVC lining
    • water installation yes
    • electrical installation yes
    • TV antenna installation yes
    • speaker installation yes
    • insulation 10 cm foam
    • floor covering PVC
    • bathroom yes
    • kitchenette yes
    • living room yes
    • terrace yes
    • split 2 kW air conditioning with heating function standard
    • pleated roller blinds yes
    • exterior lighting yes
    • steering console yes
    • rear camera yes
    • navigation lights yes
    • sound signal yes